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That Summer Feeling of ZEN RELAX!


That Summer Feeling of ZEN RELAX!

We All Want That Feeling of ZEN RELAX in Our Life!


At the end of the day, on the weekends, anytime and in any season… our lives are full of stress, over-scheduling and so many things fighting for our attention.


We love that feeling of tranquility and serenity and aim to find it in our days to balance health and wellness, keep the immune system strong, and enjoy the little things that make up our lives.


Deep breathing, exercise, yoga, keeping rooms clear of clutter, keeping activities to the most essential, saying NO when needed, eating well, developing good relationships, including humor and music in our days – these are just some things that help bring that needed feeling of relax.


We love to incorporate natural plant-based and powerful Essential Oils to the mix.  We developed the ZEN DE-STRESS ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND to help get that feeling of relaxation with natural help.


It can be used topically or in aromatherapy – or both!

  • If you are stressed, breath it in or diffuse it in your room or office or bedroom.

  • Put some drops on the back of your neck, wrists and|or bottoms of feet.

Each Essential Oil in the blend helps with aspects of stress.

Use it on a daily maintenance basis, or in emergencies when you are feeling stressed and next extra help!

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