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Dry Skin Brushing, also known as Body Brushing, is an absolutely wonderful way to boost wellness and care for skin, your largest body organ!


Skin BrusSkin Brushing Courtesy Getty piching is an ancient art and has been practiced through the ages – even taught by Hippocrates in Ancient Greece medical school.

Today, models, actresses, holistic practitioners and smart women brush their skin daily.  Such celebrities as Salma Hayek, Miranda Kerr, Naomi Watts and Molly Sims rave about Body Brushing. Why?


1) It helps exfoliate and whisk away those dead cells and toxins excreted by the skin, and supports proper skin functioning. You detox your skin and body!

Don’t forget that skin does everything from keeping bad elements out of our system, to regulating body temperature and much more.



2) It boosts the circulatory system, helping to deliver nutrients throughout the body. It helps those with sluggish systems and elderly as well.



3) It helps to move the lymphatic system, which has no natural pump like the heart.  The lymphatic system drains toxins, and helps keep the immune system strong.



4) It invigorates and gives a wonderful sense of well-being!



5) It can help reduce cellulite and keep those in-grown hairs away.



6) It helps distribute your natural oils of the skin and helps improve skin tone.


It’s EASY to Skin Brush and typically takes only 10 – 15 minutes per day once you have the hang of it!  Just think, only 10 minutes to better well-being and skin health!



Body Brushing with Sublime BeautyVisit our site devoted to Skin Brushing (click here), with instructional downloads, details and testimonials.


However, here is an abbreviated overview:

  • Brush on Absolutely dry skin. It is ideal to brush BEFORE your shower – if you stand in the shower, dead cells and toxins can be rinsed away afterward.


  • ALWAYS brush towards the heart (you should work with your heart and circulatory system).


  • Use medium to firm strokes (usually 5-7 per area), typically fast, from your feet up to your neck.


  • Spend a little extra time on thicker areas like elbows or soles, and on lymph-node rich areas like inner thighs and armpits. Don’t brush your face or upper neck with this brush.


  • This particular skin is finer and more fragile, and needs not only a lighter brush but only 1 brushing per week (vs every day for the body.)


  • Don’t share your brush with others, and don’t brush over open sores.

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