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More on Organic Sesame Oil


sesame seeds and oilAlso called Sesamum Indicum, SESAME OIL it is a rich source of Vitamin A, E, B1, B2, B3 and K.


Sesame Oil is extracted from seeds of the sesame plant.


Sesame Oil also holds a high content of beneficial minerals such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.


One study suggests that Sesame Oil’s high linoleic acid content may inhibit skin cancer cell growth.


Sesame is a lovely oil for skin care; it is used extensively in Asian Cuisine as it enhances natural aromas and in natural cuisine today; it also the most traditional oil used for the Ayurvedic practice of Oil Pulling.  Sesame Oil is extracted from seeds of the sesame plant.


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This natural oil has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-viral properties!  It is a powerhouse!

Sesame Oil is also used in various massage oils to rejuvenate energy process and helps in controlling bacterial infections, dandruff and heal scrapes or abrasions.



We love it for OIL PULLING.

3 bottles Sesame Oil all front Sublime NaturalsIn fact, we developed our USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC SESAME OIL not only for natural skin care but especially for OIL PULLING!

Sesame Oil was mentioned in the ancient Ayurvedic texts as ideal for Oil Pulling, and it has been used through the ages for this purpose.  The founder of Sublime Beauty NATURALS® uses Sesame Oil daily for Oil Pulling.




Sesame Oil is great for many uses. Here are 6 Perfect Ways to Use it for Skin:


natural beauty in whitea. SKIN MOISTURIZER: Sesame Oil is used as a natural moisturizer and emollient for body skin. It also contains linoleic acids, stearic acids and palmitic acids which provides more optimum results and deal with chronic skin problems effectively. Some skin problems can be avoided by using Sesame Oil in bathing water.


b. ANTI-AGING INGREDIENT: Another marvelous benefit of Sesame Oil is it reduces aging effect of the skin by reducing appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and brings a younger and healthier look. With its zinc properties it tightens skin cells and delivers a smooth and supple touch.


c. DETOX OF SKIN: Sesame Oil is a proven formula for skin detoxification. It helps by removing hazardous toxins from the skin and body. It is also used in treating chronic skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis thus returning back the lustrous and glowing effect of skin.


d. MASSAGE AND HEALING REPAIR: With its soluble and absorbing nature it is used in various massages plus helps in repairing damaged skin cells and improves blood circulation in the body. It can also help heal burned or sun-damaged skin.


beautiful african american woman
e. CURING ANTI-BACTERIAL INFECTIONS: Sesame oil is an excellent cure for antibacterial infections. It heals wounded skin and reduce inflammation from its anti-inflammatory properties.


f. CRACKED HEEL TREATMENT: Regular rubbing of Sesame Oil into cracked and dried heels helps in healing and revives skin and bringing suppleness.


Last Word: Oil Pulling

We are BIG FANS of Oil Pulling!  It is such a great holistic way to improve wellness by pulling out bacteria, viruses, fungi and other junk from your mouth before it invades the body.

This is a relatively undiscovered strategy to improve oral health and overall wellness of the body.  Sesame Oil is the preferred oil through history (coconut is popular in the US as well.)


Sublime Beauty NATURALS® chose a Certified Organic (USDA) Sesame Oil specifically for Oil Pulling.  Give it a try now!