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New Book: Essential Oils Have Super Powers®


New Book: Essential Oils Have Super Powers®

Our new book is being released in hard copy this week on Amazon.


It is entitled: Essential Oils Have Super Powers® : From Solving Everyday Wellness Problems with Aromatherapy to Taking on “Superbugs” – and it’s a “MUST READ”.


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“I wrote this book to reveal the amazing powers of essential oils to those who may not understand what these natural plant-based essences are,” says Kathy Heshelow.

“But the book should also be interesting to those who already understand aromatherapy and essential oils. I devote a chapter to the antibiotic-resistant bacteria problem and how essential oils can step in,” says Heshelow.

The book also examines why the US is less informed about essential oils and how they are used around the world; fascinating and long history of use worldwide; clinical research happening today; how to use essential oils including Safety Tips; and more!


Pick up a hard copy on Amazon today – a Kindle version will be available soon.

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