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A Secret to Looking & Feeling Great


A Secret to Looking & Feeling Great

Here is a Secret to Looking & Feeling Great, and You Will Never Guess What it is!


Oil Pulling!   Oil Pulling???

SECRET TO LOOKING GREAT detox 1-2-3 What is Oil Pulling and why should it make me look and feel great, you ask?


1) Oil Pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic secret. You swish Sesame (or Coconut) Oil in your mouth, which draws out bacteria, fungi, viruses and other critters.


2) It works because all of those critters have a lipid or oily skin, and OIL ATTRACTS OIL!  The critters rush to adhere to the oil.


3) Taking the bacteria and toxins OUT means your LYMPHATIC SYSTEM won’t have to deal with them (which helps you feel better);  you lower your risk of disease in your body (which helps you feel and be better); your teeth become whiter and smoother, your plaque diminishes, your breathe is fresher, your gums are healthier.  You feel prettier, more vibrant because you are!


4) There is a distinct and medically known link between your oral health and your overall health.  Take a look at this infographic for just a few details!


Oil Pulling Infographic diseases

So what are you waiting for?  Try our USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC SESAME OIL designed just for Oil Pulling now, available on Amazon.

And when ready, here is the HOW TO OIL PULL Guidelines!

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