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7 Amazing Benefits Of Clove Essential Oil

Clove Essential Oil is derived from the clove bud, which is used as a popular spice in Indian homes.




Clove is rich in calcium, iron, sodium, phosphorous, potassium and vitamins A and C. Clove oil is known for its antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral and stimulating properties. The Latin name for Clove Bud is Eugenia Caryophyllus, and it is often sourced from Indonesia.




7 Benefits Of Clove Essential Oil:




1. Clove Oil For Teeth and Oral Health:




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Clove oil is an ancient home remedy for dental care due to its germicidal properties. Clove oil  added in many dental products like mouth wash and toothpaste (and you may get this scent in your dentist’s office!) It is very effective for relieving dental pain, mouth ulcers, tooth ache and sore gums.




Clove can help reduce bad breath as it kills the bacteria that causes the bad odors. It can also ease throat pain. Dilute 4 drops of clove oil in a cup of warm water BUT DO NOT DRINK OR SWALLOW. Use this to gargle daily twice a day for instant relief.

Clove is a good addition to your Sesame or Coconut oil for daily OIL PULLING!  Just add 1-2 drops and swish!




However, you should be careful as excessive clove oil can cause burns.




2. Infections:




Clove oil is widely popular for its antiseptic properties. It could be used for wounds, cuts, fungal infections, prickly heat, and inflammation. One can also use it for insect bites and nettle stings. Dilute the clove by adding 5 to 7 drops into an ounce of carrier oil like almond oil or coconut oil and apply.




However, people with sensitive skin should not use clove oil as it may cause burns. ALWAYS DO A PATCH TEST FIRST – that is, put a few of the diluted oil on a small patch of skin and wait to see if it develops itching or redness.  Be sure to read the SAFETY TIPS for using essential oils.




3. Oily (Acne) Skin Care:







Many of the acne-fighting skin creams and lotions contain harsh chemicals which may work but have various side effects. Clove is quite effective for treating acne as it contains a compound “eugenol”, which has anti-bacterial properties. It could help with cystic acne (like tea tree and a few other essential oils) and kill the infections, plus help reduce swelling.


Add 2-3 drops of pure clove essential oil in your skin cream, gel or lotion and use it regularly, specially on the target areas. You might want to add a drop to some witch hazel and use as a tonic or wipe.


4. Relieve Stress:




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Special clove oil massages have been used traditional in India and up to now for stress and pain. Clove can help reduce mental exhaustion, fatigue, anxiety, and tensions as it has a relaxing effect on the mind.  Just 4-5 drops in an ounce of massage oil.  Also diffuse it during the massage!




5. Headache:




Since clove essential oil can have a soothing effect on the mind and the body, it could be helpful for curing headaches. In 1 teaspoon of sea salt, add 2 teaspoons of almond or coconut oil and 2-3 drops of clove oil. Combine well and use it to massage the forehead. DO NOT GET IN YOUR EYES. It gives instant cooling and provides relief from headache.

You can also swish a washcloth in a bowl of fresh, cool water with 4-6 drops of clove in it – wring and put on your forehead.  Diffuse it as well.






6. Respiratory problems:








Clove helps to clear the nasal passage and kill bacteria while soothing, and thus, is useful for curing respiratory problems like cough, cold, sinusitis and asthma.  It is a good one to combine with eucalyptus.











7. Indigestion:




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Do you know why clove is such an important spice in Indian dishes? It is because clove aids healthy digestion and provides relief from digestion-related problems like hiccups, motion sickness, indigestion and flatulence.  But some drops in your favorite cream and rub on your tummy; inhale or diffuse.













Baobab, the “Tree of Life” Brings You Amazing Benefits


baobob oil pinIn addition to moisturizing and regenerating dry (and aging) skin
, you can use it for treatment of nails, cuticles, hair and lips!

It helps boost collagen and aid in skin regeneration.  This is the ONLY tree that can regenerate bark and survive debarking (mainly from elephants), and this skill translates to your skin.


But most importantly, it has SECRET POWERS for treatment of eczema, post-surgical scars or any kind of scar, stretch marks, psoriasis, dermatitis and other difficult conditions!


Scars and Stretch Marks can diminish with twice daily use of the oil – massage it in and around the affected area, and changes will start to occur.  Diminishment will be seen in about a month (or earlier) and will continue as the skin regenerates, turns over and is aided by the qualities of the oil.


surgical scar can be aided with Baobob oil

The oil is very high in Vitamin C and Calcium, plus rich is all the B vitamins, major minerals and omegas.  The oil is soothingly rich, absorbs well, feels FABULOUS on skin.


See our Infographic:

Baobob_Oil Infographic


Our Baobob is sourced “Fair Trade” and is USDA Certified Organic!

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