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Zen Box for Your Wellness; Take it For a Test Drive!

Our Subscription Box, ZEN BOX, Delivers New Full-Size Essential Oils to Your Door Every Month!

zen box subscription

ZEN BOX launched in February 2016. The first box includes Frankincense, Lavender and Zen Immune Boost.  Each month, 3 new oils are includes and four times yearly, bonus items are added!  Plus Zen Box offers surprises along the way.

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3 Essential Oils Per Month + Bonuses-1

Want to know more about ZEN BOX and Essential Oils first?  Read our content and FAQ site here!

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Essential Oils Support the Immune System


Essential Oils are used in so many ways:  Topically and by Inhaling (Aromatherapy), Mixed in Creams, Soaps and Body Products. Bolstering wellness is the top reason many use Essential Oils!



Essential Oils have a healing effect on the body no matter how they are used (that is, topically on the skin or in aromatherapy). They trigger a healing effect or reaction in the brain and body systems, and can help strengthen the immune system.


Mix of lavender flowers and cosmeticOne effective way of using essential oils for the immune system is to diffuse them in the air. According to research, diffusing specific essential oils in the air kills airborne microorganisms.

In a French study, 210 different microbes were colonized, and in 30 minutes of diffusing the air with essential oils, only four colonies were left! You can diffuse essential oils in the air by using a few drops – 10 to 15 – in a regular diffuser with some water.


Our ZEN IMMUNE BOOST Blend of Essential Oils was chosen carefully, and includes Essential Oils of Eucalyptus, Oregano, Cinnamon, Clove, Rosemary, Lemon, Peppermint, Frankincense, Rosemary. Each oil functions carefully to helping the body, lymphatic system and immune system!

Spa stones.

Below are just a few of the therapeutic effects possible with certain essential oils:


Rose and Lavender Oils help in treating insomnia. Use them on the spine by rubbing them up and down a few times before going to bed – but ONLY mixed in a carrier oil.


Peppermint acts as a good reliever for vomiting, nausea, fever and indigestion.  Use this method by inhaling from the bottle or using a diffuser.

Aromatherapy Essential Oil Herbs

Ylang Ylang helps in reducing blood pressure and hypertension. Bergamot is considered to be effective against, sore throat, cold sores, insect bites, and thrush.


Clove is an essential oil in which no fungi, virus or bacteria can live. It is regularly used in European hospitals.


Dill, coriander, and bitter fennel all act as an aid against diabetes, and are even known to get the diabetics off their insulin.


We Simply Love the Power of Essential Oils!


We introduce three wonderful Essential Oil Blends – with many more to come!  The focus is on our first three ZEN BLENDS is to build a strong immune system; helping to reduce stress or pain; and reduce congestion of cold or flue naturally and holistically.

3 zen bottles stress immune and congestion

Our oil blends can be used topically, diffused or inhaled directly from the bottle!  They include pure, natural oils (some organic) with organic carrier oils.


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